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DME Branding is a Brand Marketing and Media firm that identifies, connects, develops and delivers customized, strategic global Partnerships for Celebrity and Corporate Brands, Products and Media.

We specialize in multiple-channel, cross-functional Marketing, Media and Content solutions for products and businesses, including matching up and identifying partnerships, sponsorships and commercial ventures, product placement and branded entertainment, digital broadcast media, social and device media, endorsements, appearances and events, licensing and merchandising opportunities.

Our company emerged on the music side of the entertainment industry, when artists and labels faced challenges capitalizing on their product due to unauthorized P2P file sharing by consumers on the internet. Our founders were primary trailblazers, recognizing a demand in the market place, transitioning DME from a talent agency to a branding agency at a critical time.

We expanded to clients across the entertainment spectrum. Leveraging brand expertise, knowledge and connections from within agencies and corporations, we pioneered new revenue streams for our clients, developed customized integrated plans that built value, and landed product partnerships, placements and endorsements in all categories including apparel, footwear, television and film, cosmetics, beverages, automotive, sports, video games and the latest device technology.

People like sourcing us for brand development because we think of new innovative ways to create, introduce and market products that others just aren’t doing yet. This makes our campaigns and projects successful in standing out amongst the din.

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